The Lace Collector Newsletter

The Lace Collector Newsletter was published for 3 years. Each issue was about 12 pages, and was illustrated with lots of black and white photos. Content included a mix of feature articles and information for collectors, including museum views, book reviews,lace for sale, auction results, and articles on caring for lace.  

Back issues are available for all issues. Contents for each issue are listed along with a picture of the front cover. 

Single copies are $5 each. The complete set is the best bargain: $40 for all 13 issues.

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Volume I #1  Winter 1990

Feature Articles: "Fortune Favors the Prepared Treasure Hunter" 

"Irish Crochet"
"Machine-made Flounce Mimics Mixed Brussels Lace"

Museum Views: "Chicago Art Instiute, A Haven for Serious Lace Scholars"

Market Information: Wearable lace

Book Review: Warnick, K. and Nilsson, S.: Legacy of Lace, N.Y.: Crown,1988

Sold At Auction: Victoria's Youghal Needle Lace Shawl, Lace from Rezabek estate, more.

Lace for Sale: Assorted collector's lace


Volume I #2 Spring 1991

Feature: “Withof Duchesse --Collectible of the 2000s”

“Duchesse, Bobbin Lace for The Masses”

Museum: Washington, D.C., A City of Museums National Gallery of Art Hillwood Museum Smithsonian Institution The Textile Museum

Book Review: Foley, Tricia: Linens and Lace, N. Y .: Clarkson- Potter Publishers, 1990 Niles, Bo: Living With Lace, N.Y.: Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 1990,

Lace At Auction: Lappets as Collectibles

Market Information: Tablecloths and table linens

“Big-Blossomed Doily is Barely Bruges,” Bruges Bloemwork


Volume I  #3  Summer 1991

Feature Articles: “Dressmaker’s Art Turns Freagments Into Heirlooms” 

“Youghal: The Irish Strut Their Stitches” 

“Design and Technique All Suggest It’s Burano”

“Stop, Look and Think Before You Wash It”

Lace For Sale: “Estate Sale Includes Victorian Patchwork”

“Estate Sale To Offer Unusual Collector’s Lace”

Sold At Auction: Needle Lace Samplers


Volume I  #4   Fall 1991

Feature Articles: “Scuola d’Industrie Italiane --Renaissance Laces Migrate to New York City,”

“Easter Egg Lappets of Brussels Lace Circa 1710-1725”

“Its My Own Invention,” (Tape laces Circa 1900)Battenberg

Book Review: Lace, Fashion and History, Kraatz, Anne, N.Y. Rizzoli International Publications 1990 Lace, the Elegant Web, Montupet and Schoeller, N.Y., Harry N. Abrams Inc. 1990

Market Information: “Invite These Birdies To Lunch!” Cantu bobbin lace


Volume II    #1  Winter 1992

Feature Article: “Rescue That Stash of Old Lace”

“Milanese Bobbin Lace: Wellspring of Design and Tech- nique”

“Basically Battenberg” “Is It Bobbin Or Battenberg?”

Lace For Sale Sophisticated Wearable Connoisseur’s Choice

Annual Index For Volume I


Volume II    #2  Spring 1992

Feature Articles: “ A Special Legacy of Lace (Nineteenth Century Christening Gowns)”

“Ayrshire Whitework: Floo’er’in’ From the Auld Toon o’Ayr”

“Analysis of a Circa-1960 Christening Gown”

“Living With An Heirloom Christening Gown”

Museum Views: “Stitches In The Air”, a special exhibt at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Antique Fashion Lace For Sale: Irish Crochet, Mixed Brussels, Point De Gaze needle lace, and Bruges bobbin lace.


Volume II    #3  Summer 1992

Feature Articles: “How to Get The Most for Your Money (Evaluating and Appraising Lace)”

“Lester’s Lace... For Beauty of Design and Excellence of Manufacture”

“Marian Powys: Lace Merchant Extraordinaire”

Museum Views: “Studying Lace in the English Countryside” Cecil Higgis Art Gallery, Luton Museum”

Lace At Auction: “History Revisited at Auction of Powys Lace”

Book Review: Powys, Marian: Lace and Lace Making, Boston: Branford, 1953

Lace For Sale: English Honiton, Fragments to Flaunt, Bedfordshire Plaited Lace, Needle Lace Dramatic Border for Decorators.”



Volume II #4  Fall 1992

Feature Articles: “Antique Lace Fans” 

“Point de Gaze”

Museum Views: To Study Special Lace Fans

Sold At Auction: Point de Gaze

Lace for Sale: Nineteenth Century Rennaisance

Continuing Threads: The Berry Lace Collection

Volume III #1  Winter 1993

Feature Articles: “Overcome Your Fear of Fraying: Mending Filet Lace”

“Sir Copleston Bampfield’s Sash?” (An early English lace)

Short Features: “Crochet: How To Identify it, and What To Do When It Breaks” “The Lace Fixers: Saving and Shaping a Heritage” “Selecting Thread for Repair”

Book Review: A History of the Honiton Lace Industry, Yallop, H.J., University of Exeter Press, Exeter, England, 1992

What Is It? “No Name Novelty”

Sold At Auction: Margaret Simeon’s Collection, The Sale of The Century

Continuing Threads: Never Say Never -- Or Always

Lace for Sale: Cleaning Out the Attic, Point De Gaze, Point d’Angleterre, Battenberg

Annual Index for Volume II


Volume III  #2   Spring 1993

Feature Articles: “Scented Remembrances of Life: Lace Handkerchiefs”

“Carrickmacross: Fragile Beauty From Ireland”

“Nineteenth Century Novelties: Things to Do With Your Handkerchiefs”

“Storing Your Handkerchief Collection”

Museum Views: “To Study Antique Lace Handkerchiefs”

Lace For Sale: Lacy Handkerchiefs


Volume III  #3  Summer 1993

Feature Articles: “Rita Steps Out, Fashions From Seventeenth Century Lace” (Brooklyn Museum Collection of Rita d’Acosta Lydig costumes)

“The Poppy Garden of Marian Powys”

“Your Lace is Invited To A Party (Washing Lace Yardage)”

“Pompoms On Their Toes (How To Make Lace Shoe-Roses)”

Short Feature: “The Essential Engrelure”

Lace for Sale: Bucks Point Bobbin Lace, Miscellaneou


Volume III #4 Fall 1993

Feature Articles: “The Art Of Selling Lace, A Scandalous 1950s Exhibition”

“Defining ‘Museum Quality’ When Lace Becomes Art”

“Real Lace: What Is It?”

“The Show-Me Glossary: Labeling The Parts Of Lace”

Museum Views: “Indianapolis Shows the World Its Lace Treasures”

Short Feature: “Frame and Flaunt Your Flounces”

Lace for Sale: “Lace for Decorating” “Wearable Lace for Sale” “The Magic Of Chantilly”

Index for Volume III


Volume IV #1 Winter 1994

Feature Articles: “Beauty and the Beezzz: Napoleon’s Bedspread” “Embroidered Machine Nets”

“Alencon Lace: Then and Now”

“Needle Lace”

Museum Views: Napoleon’s “Equipage de Lit” (Who has the pieces of Napoleon’s Alencon Lace Bed Set)

Lace For Sale: Embroidered Net Lace, Collector’s Cuffs, Duchesse Fan Leaf, Point d’Angleterre edging, Chantilly Lace Fan, Point de Gaze collar and cuff set     219-659-1124    Elizabeth Kurella 2015