Connoisseur’s Guide to Normandy Lace Patchworks     $25

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What do you do with those little bits of old lace that are too small or frayed to use, but too good to throw away? During the first half of the twentieth century the answer was "make patchworks!"

This book reviews and shows the many different types of patchworks that were made, including classic French with lacy Normandy embroideries; commercial European and home-made American patchworks; commemorative patchworks put together by clubs and associations; and Greek lace mosaics.

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Living with lace patchworks, with information on washing and mending.

Judging lace patchworks, with price and value guide.

How to make lace patchworks today.

A gallery of vintage patchworks, with detailed photos and text describing what makes each unique and special.

156 pages                                7 by 8 1/2 inches

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