Anybody Can Mend Lace and Linens     $25


The most comprehensive ever!

A practical workbook that shows and tells anybody willing to thread a needle how to fix vintage lace and linen treasures. Now you can take that damaged crochet tablecloth your grandmother made and give it back to your family as a usable heirloom. Turn damaged flea-market bargains into usable table linens, fix up that filet tablecloth to display in a historic home, rescue a flawed bobbin-lace centerpiece from a flea market. The insights, examples, and needle-and-thread skills shown in detail in this book will teach you how.


Basic mending techniques presented in step-by-step detailed photographs 

Real life examples of mending cutwork, crochet, needle lace, bobbin lace, filet, crochet, Irish crochet, and more 

More than 300 black-and-white photographs 

Soft cover 

128 pages 

8 1/2 x 11 inches 

Fully Indexed

A Vintage Handkerchief Makeover          $15

This 28-page soft-cover book shows and tells the story of the makeover of this vintage bobbin lace handkerchief.

In large black-and-white photographs, the story explains how to:

- analyze the problems.

- remove the damaged old fabric without damaging the lace edge.

- repair damaged, broken and missing lace bits and connecting bars.

- applique rescued motifs on to a fresh tulle background.

- remount the repaired lace on to a fresh fabric center.     219-659-1124    Elizabeth Kurella 2015